Frequently Asked Questions at electric fencing Johannesburg

Do you offer electric fencing protection?

Yes we do, we offer a wide range of amazing quality products from reserve batteries for when the power cuts to the best electric fencing wiring available.

Do you offerlarge scare fencing?

Do you have a large perimeter fence or wall, no worries we have the solution to your needs.

Do youdo solar electric fencing services?

Of course we do, we have the widest range of electric fencing services, no matter how big or small your house is we will get your fence working.

Do offer custom electric fencing services?

We can help with any custom job needed, no matter if you need a fence that runs vertical we can get you setup.

Do you offer any warranty on your electric fencing services?

Give us a call and we will show you all the amazing warranty options we have for you.

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